Book on President Wade’s performance out Friday


A book presenting the performance of President Abdoulaye Wade over 10 years at the helm of affairs in Senegal, titled « Le Sénégal sous Wade: Banqueroute, corruption et liberticide », will be published Friday in Paris, one of the book publishing managers, Babacar Sall, told PANA Wednesday.

The 321-page book, divided into 14 chapters, is signed by Mandiaye Gaye, presented by L’Harmattan as « a historic figure of citizen’s struggles in Senegal ».

« The book is an assessment of a decade dominated by corruption, crime, political and economic problems, human rights violations, the selling-off of national heritage, the looting of public funds at the expense of a patriotic and constructive policy, » said Sall, head of the collection « Diaspora Africaine et sociétés » at L’Harmattan.

According to him, Gaye has left nothing to chance in his work, making « an accurate diagnosis that reveals the true nature of the Senegalese regime and its leader.

« The author describes in detail changes made by Wade as a major symbol of chaos, whose misdeeds are pronounced on the national economy, foreign partnership and the living conditions of the people, » Sall added.

The book is prefaced by Senegalese writer, Boubacar Boris Diop.

Paris – Pana 18/03/2010


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